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Green Products

What are "Green Products"?

In short, "green" products or solutions are more environmentally friendly alternatives to the harsh chemicals used to maintain cleanliness, usually in the home. More often than not, these reach the sewers and end up corrupting them, as well as the environment around them. Sometimes an old chemical product will be dumped down the drain, bleach will be used to clean the toilet and flushed, or excess antibacterial soap will be rinsed off someone's hands, resulting in negative side effects underground when thought to be, at that point out of concern. Now that this has been established as fact, it is important to be conscious of the issues potentially being caused by your cleaning products, and make an effort to make a few changes that will substitute just as effectively.

Why Do We Need Them?

While many don't think about the impact of the chemicals they use daily to clean their homes, there is a degree of environmental damage inflicted each and every time. It does not take much searching to discover just how much a simple task can affect the world around us. According to statistics, about 17,000 petrochemicals are available for use in the home, and only 30% have been tested for exposure to human & environmental health. Due to this, indoor air pollution levels can be about 100 times higher than outdoor, and much more concentrated. The bottom line is - most consumers do not pay attention to what is on the label of the various cleaning products they purchase, use them as often as they wish, and in time, bring adverse affects to both the air and water around them.

How Can They Be Found?

Some wiser choices for cleaning products could possibly lie within your kitchen right now - it is just a matter of finding a way to use them. Along with these, there are several alternatives being marketed today, available both in-store and online. See the below pages for more information.

Earth Easy | Environmental Working Group

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