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The Upper Montgomery Joint Authority will be conducting a smoke test of its sanitary sewer system.

Testing crews will be working in Pennsburg Borough.

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Rain or wind may postpone the testing until the next business day.

The smoke is Non-Toxic, Non-Staining, has no odor, will be white or gray in color and will create no fire hazard. The smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up drain traps.

It is advisable to pour a gallon of water into each drain, sink, shower and tub. If smoke enters your home or business there is good reason to assume that sewer gases may also be entering.

Should you discover smoke in your home or business please contact a member of the testing crew or call

215-679-5133 between 7:00am & 3:30pm or after hours


Important! If there is any individual in your home or business who has respiratory problem and is immobile, please notify us at 215-679-5133 prior to testing date.

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